Our Spring Dance Recital was quite a success!!! It’s wonderful to see the shining talent of the dance students, and the result of all the students hard work. We spend so much of our energy on this show so that the students have a time to shine… and they certainly did!!

Thank you to all of the students, for your dedication to your dance lessons. Thank you to all the parents and friends who tirelessly helped on every aspect of the special program.

We are looking forward to seeing you all next year at The Dance Shoppe!

Classes for FALL start August 11,2014.

Don’t want to miss anything? Come to our  SUMMER DANCE CLASSES!!!

Just call The Dance Shoppe  602 866 1587 for schedule!

Have a wonderful summer.

Mark and Arlene

Here are some treasured comments and beautiful images of moments at the show!

Julie Lange Stockwell Thank you all so very much for going so far beyond the expected to make sure our dancers have an incredible experience! You are wonderful people, amazing role models, and we love you and what you do very, very much!

Amanda Harris I LOVE my dance shoppe family!! And this recital was by far my favorite! Thank you Mark and Arlene for another incredible show and for letting me stick around all these years!!!

Nicole Gawry FANTASTIC show!!! We all can’t thank you enough for all the hard work and passion you put in to making these amazing recital shows!! I feel so lucky to be a part of the dance shoppe family!!

Rachael Evans Madden ‪Julie Lange Stockwell said it perfectly, Mark and Arlene you outdid yourselves this year! Such incredible vision. Words can’t explain how excited I get to see my girl up there in a Dance Shoppe Recital:)

Krystle Yates This show was amazing!!!! Hats off to Mark and Arlene!!!!! I love being part of the Dance Shoppe family!

Jessica Portz Thank you for another awesome year and amazing show!

Edie Arntz The Show was great and So good to see you all.

Kari Kleyensteuber Cushing Thank you for a great recital. My daughter LOVES coming to dance class and LOVES her teacher every year! Ms Tracey you ROCK!!!

Lisa Lannen Ditto to what Julie said….and why aren’t you sleeping at five am??!! You deserve it

Beth Eyrich You are all still under suspicion! Dancing is my happy place and thanks to you guys I was given a very unique and much appreciated opportunity this year. Hands down it was an extremely creative and fun show to be part of and my favorite. Just can’t imagine not being part of it. I TDS!!!

Bob Annette Gawry Amazing as usual…I don’t know how you do it!! Great show!

Sarah F Bangoy fantastic show! thank you Arlene and Mark

Susan Wise Beautiful picture!! Fabulous show, you are all so very creative and it shows you LOVE what you do!

Danielle Padilla Smith We love The Dance Shoppe! The shows are remarkable and your dancers (including my little one) so well trained!!



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