About 3.5 million U.S. children are currently enrolled in dance classes. Dance classes in Phoenix can accomplish a lot in teaching children valuable skill sets, keeping them active, and giving them something to be proud of. Here are three popular types of dancing lessons for children.

1. Ballet Dance Class

Ballet is a classical dance form that many children are drawn to. It is a surprisingly demanding form of dance — a one hour performance is equivalent to the exercise exerted during an hour of soccer. Ballet is a dance style that can help to improve a child’s balance, posture, and muscle strength. Mom blogger Ana Flores points out an additional benefit her energetic daughter has experienced: enhanced ability to focus. “In ballet class she’s attentive and very focused,” Flores writes. “They have to learn to pay attention and focus on the group and their body’s movement.”

2. Hip Hop Dance Lessons

Not every child is going to enjoy the discipline that ballet requires, or the classical music that typically accompanies the dance. Hip hop dance lessons for kids are great for kids who wants to learn how to move their entire body with energetic movement. This can be a good dance style for kids who like having fun, but are reluctant to engage in other sports and exercise. It can also be a great form of self-expression, as the movements in hip hip are more free-form than ballet or tap.

3. Tap Dance

Tap dancing is unique in that much or all of the music in these performances comes from the striking of the tap shoe against a floor, essentially making the shoes themselves an instrument. This can be a great dance style for children interested in music, who could benefit from further developing their sense of rhythm and timing.

What dancing lessons for children do you think are appropriate for your kids? Let us know in the comments.