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whodunit? DANCE RECITAL ~ a wonderful event!

Our Spring Dance Recital was quite a success!!! It's wonderful to see the shining talent of the dance students, and the result of all the students hard work. We spend so much of our energy on this show so that the students have a time to shine... and they certainly did!! Thank you to all [...]

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What You Should Know About Dance Lessons Before Enrolling Your Child

Did you know that professional ballerinas often go through several pairs of ballet flats in a single week? The Cincinnati Ballet, for example, spends about $80,000 on ballet shoes each year. Luckily, young dancers won't need to worry about high costs like these: their shoes are typically constructed more sturdily, and their moves are simpler. [...]

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Safe Music For Kids’ Hip Hop Dance Lessons

It's no secret that there are several benefits of taking your children to a kids dance school. Getting dance lessons for kids who are hyperactive is a great way for them to burn off that extra energy, and stay physically fit. Whats more, dancing lessons for kids will build their character, and teach them important [...]

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Three Types of Dance Classes in Phoenix for your Children

About 3.5 million U.S. children are currently enrolled in dance classes. Dance classes in Phoenix can accomplish a lot in teaching children valuable skill sets, keeping them active, and giving them something to be proud of. Here are three popular types of dancing lessons for children. 1. Ballet Dance Class Ballet is a classical dance [...]

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Give Your Child the Gift of Dance Lessons

Every parent wants to be able to provide something fun for their children on occasion. Rather than just springing for a new toy that will eventually be left in the corner, some parents may want to consider ballet classes for children. Like any other physical discipline, ballet lessons will teach children valuable lessons that come [...]

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Ballet Class; Canvas or Leather Dance Shoes??

. Ballet Shoes...Leather or Canvas Would you rather wear canvas or leather ballet shoes?  The popularity of canvas ballet shoes is growing.  Most canvas ballet shoes are a split sole design and are for a more advanced dancer.  Bloch has taken the canvas shoe to another level with a stretch canvas.  This shoe can cradle [...]

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